Software Engineer

New York, USA


Generalist Software Engineer + Computer Vision-focused Software Engineer

Lofty is creating 3D digital copies of real physical spaces. We've built software to ingest a novel type of 3D model and make it accessible to non-technical users through a web-based interface. We've written algorithms that help segment these 3D models into individual objects, the first step towards a future that we believe will include virtual real estate tours, virtual (simple) architecture and virtual interior design.

We're an engineering-focused company (2 of our 3 founders are technical) looking to double the size of our team. We're venture-backed by some of the top seed funds in Silicon Valley & New York.

Now is the time to join if you've ever wanted to be part of a founding team, helping to set the culture of a company and the long-term architecture of our software.

A little bit about Lofty:

  • We’re startup veterans; while this is our first time all together as founders, we have strong opinions about how to build a healthy company and have years of experience recognizing bad & silly decisions.
  • We will build a profitable business almost immediately, enabling us to control our own fate over time.
  • Some technologies we currently use include: Ruby, Rails, Python, Blender, ActionScript, Javascript, AWS, CouchDB, Meteor, Heroku, Git

We’re looking for engineers who are:

  • Smart, productive and tolerant of sarcasm
  • Self-motivated and curious
  • Interested in building a friendly, collaborative, and transparent work environment
  • Happiest when building
  • Going to develop awesome, interesting, non-obvious products & features with their 20% time

If you have:

  • A strong academic background in computer science OR no academic background in computer science but clear proficiency in software engineering
  • Enthusiasm and experience playing around, or building with, a wide variety of 3D tools (e.g. Blender, 3dsMax, Away3D, Three.js, Maya, etc.)
  • Empathy towards both enterprise and consumer customers
  • A scrappy, yet thoughtful, approach to getting things done
  • Solid grounding in the fundamentals of writing elegant code

For Computer Vision Focused Engineers:

  • Knowledge of major methods of feature extraction, object recognition, 3D vision, tracking
  • Demonstrated expertise in computer vision software tools, such as OpenCV, OpenGL, Cuda, GeForce, and graphics accelerators
  • An ability to characterize and optimize the computational complexity of algorithms

And you would like to:

  • Be one of the first five employees who join our team
  • Create a company culture with us
  • Work on software across the stack

Then you may receive an offer to join us, which would contain:

  • Competitive salary and generous equity in our business
  • Generous health coverage
  • Equipment that you love
  • Unlimited vacation time
  • Hassle-free corporate policies
  • A free 3D scan of your home, or another place that you cherish